Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Axiom?

Axiom, The OEM Alternative®, is a leading provider of customer-focused IT computing memory, storage and networking connectivity upgrades and third-party maintenance solutions. Since 1995, Axiom has been the trusted partner to solution providers, VARs and distributors from coast to coast and throughout North America and beyond. With an experienced team driven by innovative management, Axiom delivers the highest level of products that are 100% guaranteed compatible and comply with all industry standards. Uniquely positioned through highly reliable computing and stringent manufacturing and testing, Axiom arms solutions providers, VARs and their end users with budget-friendly reliability across industries from healthcare to government, SMB to Fortune 500 and everything in between.

What value does Axiom offer as THE OEM Alternative®?

As THE OEM Alternative®, Axiom offers OEM-equivalent or superior performance with significant cost savings. Customers can save up to 88% on products, easing IT budget concerns and improving overall spending. Axiom is a leader in third-party hardware upgrade solutions in the corporate, SMB, government and education markets.

What kinds of products and solutions does Axiom offer?

Axiom’s full hardware product lineup includes enterprise and consumer-grade memory, network solutions such as fiber optic and copper transceivers/cables, enterprise and client-grade SSDs/HDDs, IT power accessories, flash products, media converters and more. Axiom also offers a service-based hardware maintenance solution, Axiom Maintenance Services, as well as a cloud-based contract management tool, Cover3ITTM.

Are Axiom products compatible with OEM hardware/systems?

Axiom’s system-specific products are fully compatible with OEM-based systems from a variety of brands such as Cisco, Dell, HPE, IBM, Apple and more. All Axiom products are compliant with industry standards and have been thoroughly tested to ensure seamless integration into OEM-based systems.

Will Axiom products impact performance of my system?

Axiom products are designed and manufactured using only premium components. Thoroughly tested by our team of highly experienced engineers and technicians from around the world, Axiom solutions deliver OEM equivalent or better performance.

What kind of warranty coverage does Axiom offer?

Axiom offers limited lifetime warranties for memory and network products. Axiom also offers extended warranties for a variety of storage products as well as computer accessories. For more information on warranties and/or to submit a warranty claim: click here

Do any Axiom products void the manufacturer warranty?

Axiom’s solutions do not void any OEM system warranty, as reinforced by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

How do I find a system part?

With our user-friendly part number system, customers can now easily pinpoint the right system parts and upgrade their systems with greater convenience. Users can type the brand name, model or OEM part number in our configurator to pull up a list of relevant results. Customers can also search by brand manufacturer to pull up a list of parts from a specific brand. To use the configurator: click here

How do I find the part number of an OEM alternative solution?

In our part number system, most OEM alternative parts are labeled as the OEM part number with an “AX” denotation.

Do you have TAA compliant solutions?

Yes, Axiom memory, network and storage solutions adhere to the standards set forth by the federal Trade Agreements Act (TAA).

What is third-party maintenance?

Third-party maintenance is hardware support that is independent of the OEM’s support. Axiom’s signature third-party maintenance solution, Axiom Maintenance Services (AMS), provides around-the-clock IT maintenance to keep your IT systems up and running 24/7. While OEMs typically do not offer extended hardware support, AMS provides support for EOL, EOSL and post-warranty hardware, extending hardware product lifecycles and protecting both new and legacy IT equipment. To learn more about AMS: click here

Where to buy Axiom products?

Axiom products are distributed via resellers and VARs. For more information on how to acquire Axiom solutions for your business: click here For resellers or VARs looking to partner with Axiom: click here

Why does Axiom not sell direct to consumers?

With a 100% B2B model focused on delivering enterprise solutions, Axiom values the strong relationships and trust we maintain with all of our great channel partners, working together to deliver the right solutions for your business needs.

How to track my package?

Customers can utilize our tracking system to keep track of shipments: click here

Have a question that is not covered in this FAQ?

Contact our team! We’d be happy to assist you. Visit our contact page to send an email or find our phone number: click here