Axiom Maintenance Services offers warranties for all major server OEM's including:
Server maintenance that actually serves you and your business
Server maintenance is critical and keeps your data center (and your business) running smoothly. To ensure uptime and efficient productivity while also staying in budget, you need reliable support. With Axiom Maintenance Services, you can have peace-of-mind with dependable support that covers the entire life cycle of your data center hardware.
Key Benefits
Powerful cost savings up to 60% over the OEM
Comprehensive coverage for your unique server environment including stand-alone, blade, virtual and more
World-class support across industries with certified technicians
Centralized cloud-based vendor management hub with Cover3ITTM
Flexible Service Levels
Each business and IT installation base are different. With Axiom, you don’t get a one size fits all, you get what you really need with a customized support plan that adheres to your unique needs.
24x7x4 8x5xNBD Custom
Up to 60% savings compared to OEM warranty contracts
EOL and EOSL support
Extended life of IT investments while maintaining uptime
Certified and dedicated technicians to support all major OEM brands
Technical Assistance Centers (TAC)
Exclusive access to cloud-based contract management tool - Cover3ITTM
SLA for 24 hours a day, Mon. through Fri.
SLA for 8 hours a day, Mon. through Fri.
SLA options for 24x7x365 expert-only TAC support
SLA options for on-site installation
SLA options with flexible and customized service
US-based service desk
Nationwide support with rapid response
Troubleshooting and major break-fix solutions
Email, phone and remote support
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