Can You Envision One Place for all of Your OEM and TPM Contracts? We can!
Introducing Cover3ITTM, a cloud-based hybrid contract management tool. Axiom Maintenance Services (AMS) arms you with a unique contract management tool for all of your AMS, OEM and Third-Party contracts and assets.
How Does Cover3ITTM Work?
It's never been easier to manage, organize and monitor your IT service contracts and assets in a centralized location for your entire organization. With an intuitive interface, multiple users can seamlessly manage contracts and assets from their desktop, smartphone or tablet. Plus, email notifications and alerts keep you worry-free and up-to-date on the status of each contract, alerting you to upcoming expiration dates so you can take action.
Key Benefits
Monitor Your IT Assets from a Single Dashboard
Grab quick insights effortlessly. Cover3IT’s clean and organized, single-source dashboard allows users to view details of their assets, including location and contract expiration dates.
View Key OEM and TPM Vendor Information for Each Asset
Asset management is made simple with the ability to view the details of each asset and upload relevant files to keep you and your team members organized.
Control Your Maintenance Assets at the Touch of a Button
Have an issue arise? No problem! Cover3ITTM provides seamless and cost-effective support with rapid response times and ticket tracking, all within the dashboard.
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