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Axiom's Branded Memory

Axiom's system specific Branded Memory line offers guaranteed compatibility with your system. With the use of our Upgrade Configurator, you can find exactly which memory chip you need for your system and save you all of the hassle and frustrations involved with upgrading your computer.

The Part Number

You can find your memory upgrade by knowing the manufacturer’s OEM part number for the memory module. You can usually find this on the computer manufacturers website or in your owners manual that comes with the computer. To find the compatible Axiom part number, simply add a ‘-AX’ to the OEM part number. For example, OEM part 10K0030 would be Axiom’s equivalent part number 10K0030-AX.

Buy with Confidence

Axiom stands behind its products. That is why we offer an unconditional lifetime warranty on all of our memory modules. Every Axiom memory upgrade is guaranteed to be 100% compatible with the system which it is sold for. Axiom also offers seamless technical support for our resellers and distribution partners. If you have any questions regarding memory, whether it’s about installation or finding the right upgrade, our experienced support staff is ready to assist you.