What do we mean by OEM alternative? (And why it matters.)

The OEM Alternative®. It’s catchy, right? Whether you’re new to the Axiom brand or one of our loyal customers of over 20 years, you may be wondering just what that means. This article will lay out the answer but more importantly, it will explain why it matters.

As you may know, OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” First used in 19671, OEM is a broad term whose meaning has quickly evolved over time. In fact, its meaning has flip-flopped through the years. At its origins, OEM referred to a company that built a part or subsystem which was then sold to other companies to rebrand and resell as part of an end product.2 So if Acme Manufacturing made power cords used by IBM with their computers, Acme would be the OEM.3 Today, however, the OEM is more likely to be IBM. OEMs are now companies that integrate other manufacturers' products, rebrand and sell these products as their own.4 Apple, Acer, Dell and HP are among the best-known original equipment manufacturers in the PC industry. In the realm of networking, manufacturers such as Cisco, HPE, Brocade and Juniper dominate as some of the biggest OEM brands.

The current role of an OEM and who it represents, helps in understanding why Axiom stands in contrast as “The OEM Alternative®.”

After investing in brand-name servers, desktops, laptops and networking equipment, the need to expand system capabilities perpetually rises – often sooner than later. The OEMs prefer that you upgrade and expand with their brand-name components. They convince customers that their upgrades are the only option to deliver the best performance and optimal specifications. Sadly, many fall victims to the hefty price tag with these OEM upgrades.

Today the availability of “aftermarket” or “third party” products presents a dizzying array of cost-saving options for upgrade components. It’s no surprise that OEMs steer customers away from these options, capitalizing on doubt and the unease of integrating components that are not made by the original manufacturer. Too often, OEMs imply that non-OEM components will fail to fit or perform as promised. Despite the prevention through Federal legislation, some OEMs continue to claim that the use of third party parts will void their service warranty. Businesses need not look any further than the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act to rest assured that third party parts by law will not void their service warranty.

However, there is in fact a degree of truth to quality concerns surrounding some aftermarket upgrades that are currently available today. Internet-fueled global marketing, sales efforts, and the ease of online purchasing has filled the marketplace with more non-branded IT upgrade suppliers than ever before.

But how is Axiom different?

Axiom has been providing truly risk-free alternatives to OEM upgrades for over 20 years. With our history of quality and service, we have built a strong list of satisfied resellers and end user customers. It is because of this history that we are one of the fastest growing memory, storage and fiber-optic connectivity upgrade providers spanning from the corporate market to education and everything in between.

How can Axiom claim to be risk-free? Because we guarantee it. Axiom only offers products guaranteed to be fully compatible and are equal or higher performing than the OEM specifications. In the rare and unlikely event that a customer experiences a problem with an Axiom product, we replace it. It’s that easy and fast.

Behind the Axiom compatibility guarantee are state-of-the-art quality control procedures throughout the design and production of each product. We foster long-term relationships with leading suppliers of Tier One components. Each design is developed to precisely meet OEM specifications, while meeting or exceeding OEM performance requirements. In some cases, the use of Axiom products will result in better performance compared to a corresponding OEM part. Regardless of which OEM system you are operating, Axiom will deliver what you need and when you need it.

We’re not just a great value compared to the OEM; Axiom is a distinguished third party provider as a trusted, long-term industry partner. We are known for quality, reliability and prompt, personal customer service. This makes us the standout alternative to OEM upgrades in a loud and crowded marketplace. When you choose products to keep your company, school or organization’s systems running strong, you want products with a proven history for dependability and quality. Choose Axiom and you’ll soon understand why we have such a great reputation that has lasted for over 20 years.

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