Supply Chain Constraints and Uptime

With the unprecedented supply chain issues impacting the major OEM’s, many customers are left in limbo waiting for their new hardware and current support expiring. Axiom can continue to work with you to deliver reliable upgrade options to get the most out of your existing infrastructure and deliver flexible maintenance support contracts that won’t leave you scrambling for additional budget. As your End-of-Life Specialist, Axiom manages global stocking locations with in-stock OEM hardware and expert field technical resources to minimize unexpected downtime.

Here is an article by Cisco promoting their new Cisco Extended Support as a solution to their supply chain issue. This extended program gives you “support you've had on your current Cisco hardware for up to two years beyond its Last Day of Support (LDOS)” 1. But why pay more for this new offering by Cisco when Axiom has been servicing its customers long before any supply chain issues? Uptime is our language, and we would love to speak to you to find the best solution and coverage for your Cisco hardware.

1. Here is the article

Cisco equivalent support, without Cisco equivalent pricing. Axiom provides the value of a hybrid support and Third-Party Maintenance. Maximize uptime, extend lifecycles, and lower support costs by 80% with Axiom Maintenance Services.

About Axiom and AMS

Leading the way in OEM alternative solutions for over 25 years, Axiom provides robust third-party maintenance to support post warranty, end-of-life and end-of-service life needs. With Axiom Maintenance Services (AMS), IT administrators can extend the life of their IT investments while controlling and lowering IT costs for their networking, server and storage hardware. AMS supplies the labor, parts and expertise needed to repair IT data center environments while providing peace of mind through flexible service levels and best-in-class support.

AMS Features:

• Support for all major OEM brands
• Flexible SLA designed to fit each client’s unique needs
• Significant cost savings compared to OEM warranty contracts
• Extended life of IT investments while ensuring system uptime with confidence in consistent support
• Centralized hub to manage all IT service contracts and assets through Cover3IT

Extend product lifecycles with Axiom Maintenance Services

Contact an Axiom representative today to learn more about how Axiom Maintenance Services can help your business maximize hardware lifecycles and save greatly on post-warranty maintenance contracts or visit our website for more details at