Ready to upgrade to 100Gb transceivers?

It’s done! The hardware migration to 40Gb is complete. It’s time to celebrate, right? Unless of course, you’ve already been hit with more requests for even faster network performance. Wasn’t the 10Gb or 40Gb migration supposed to last a minimum of 18-months? Have you found yourself staring at yet another migration, this time to 100Gb. Rest assured, you’re not alone.

The only constant seems to be the need for faster everything, and it’s very likely it was needed last week. In today’s competitive business climate, an organization’s profitability depends on its ability to provide immediate access to their business data. To react quickly to changing market conditions and stay competitive, decision makers need speedy insight into their operations and the ability to analyze information. When an organization is faced with the challenges of upgrading to meet increasing data demands, there are various questions to be asked and considered. What are the business goals? What are the growth expectations? What upgrade solutions provide scalability? What will this cost?

Organizations may have plans for upgrades, but often, the timelines never seem to align with the need. The largest obstacle for organizations is not identifying the problem but with the budget and where the funding will come from. While organizations continually look for ways to do more, capital resources are finite. The cost of doing business while supporting speed is expensive, but there’s always a silver lining and ways to find a happy median between the need for speed and the associated costs. There are several different options that can be considered:

  • Option 1: Attempt to sustain operations in survival mode by delaying upgrades.
  • Option 2: Seek refurbished and used equipment. Although it is an option, it comes with big risks. Keep in mind, used/refurbished 100Gb optics haven’t been in the market long enough to be a viable choice.
  • Option 3: Extend beyond your budget and pay a premium price for OEM upgrades.
  • Option 4: Upgrade while paying up to 70% less compared to OEM options with a trusted third-party, OEM alternative solution provider.

With brand-equivalent options, Axiom provides high quality solutions that efficiently reduce expenses and operating costs. Organizations gain the ability to migrate to speeds that are needed while reducing the total cost of ownership. Ready to discuss your next migration? Let’s talk! Contact one of our amazing team members today (email us) or search our extensive selection (browse online).

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