Expanding EdTech: budgets, bandwidths and The OEM Alternative

Born into a tech-saturated world, today’s students rely on technology to enhance and connect their lives. Not only are they inspired by the use of tech in the classroom, research has shown that the use of digital teaching technology can positively impact learning outcomes.

Not surprisingly, the use of technology to support digital learning is growing at an unprecedented rate, and the need for reliable network connectivity with sufficient high-speed bandwidth has never been greater. In fact, it is critical in delivering effective learning and offering students a future-ready education in today’s K-12 environments.1

In a recent article from EdTech Magazine, the top three obstacles school districts face include “balancing access to educational resources with security,” “lack of technology expertise among teachers and administrators,” and “keeping up with the pace of technology adoption.”2

With the continually evolving IT and technology landscape, education IT departments and administrators alike must grapple with creating a positive digital learning experience. From online tools, classroom technology and the network infrastructure needed, school districts face increasing challenges to equip their instructors and students.

Increasing Bandwidth & Extending Budgets
Cost is the most significant barrier to provisioning schools with adequate bandwidth. When it comes to building out network capabilities, most schools stick with tried-and-true big-brand OEM partners, which deliver the assurance of reliable quality along with a hefty price tag. When it comes time for updates within an existing infrastructure, both to hardware updates and bandwidth increases, decisions must be made, especially when budgets are tight. Choosing a trustworthy alternative to OEM products can make all the difference.

Unfortunately, schools often miss out on this fiscally savvy option, in large part due to persuasion from OEMs, which profit from claiming that only their upgrades will deliver optimal fit, specifications and performance. They may also falsely claim that the use of third-party parts will void the OEM service warranty – something expressly prohibited by federal legislation under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

With extensive availability of unbranded upgrades sold online, caution in selecting non-OEM products is certainly called for. However, shying away from third party upgrades altogether robs schools of the ability to stretch their budgets and deliver even greater learning opportunities to students.

Axiom has been providing truly risk-free alternatives to costly OEM upgrades for over 20 years and has become the trusted solution for memory, storage and fiber-optic connectivity upgrade providers in the education sector, corporate, SMB and government markets. Axiom stands behind its mission to deliver the best value in top-quality third-party alternatives to OEM upgrades. Axiom products are guaranteed to be fully compatible and function according to OEM specifications. In the rare and unlikely event that a customer experiences a problem with a product, Axiom’s renowned lifetime warranty will replace the affected products.

State-of-the art quality control processes throughout the design and manufacture of each product enable Axiom to offer this high level of quality assurance. Using only tier one components, Axiom will never forfeit quality to expedite a build and develops each product design to precisely meet OEM specifications and performance requirements. Axiom processes are so exacting that in some cases the use of Axiom products will result in better performance than the corresponding OEM part. Finally, advanced testing ensures that Axiom products are 100-percent guaranteed compatible and comply with all industry standards.

Extending Lifespan with Third Party Maintenance
The use of third party maintenance (TPM) is an increasingly popular way for school districts to reduce costs and extend the functional life of IT assets.3 By enabling school districts to retain servers beyond the typical 2- to 3-year OEM service warranty, TPMs eliminate the dramatic cost increases that come from extending the original warranty and remove the risks of going warranty-free.

Axiom Maintenance Service (AMS) conveniently provides support for data center operating systems, servers and networking hardware for all major networking brands, along with flexible service level options to meet each school or district’s unique needs. In recognizing that needs can suddenly change, Axiom offers the ability to adjust support options mid-term. By providing significant cost savings over OEM warranty contracts, AMS safeguards valuable IT investments while ensuring system uptime and consistent support. Preventative maintenance avoids downtime through scheduled system reviews and pre-failure alert monitoring. These tools enable trouble-shooting and resolution before a problem interrupts valuable teaching time.

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