DDR3 memory & server warranty support

Axiom Challenges the Concept of Forced Obsolescence Perpetuated by Major OEM Brands

Did you know that some companies have stopped supporting DDR3 memory and the systems that utilize DDR3 memory? These companies have discontinued offering the DDR3 server memory upgrades. Other OEMs have also discontinued the warranty service on those server systems.

Over the years, DDR3 memory modules have proven to be a great solution for computing and embedded systems—from desktop, notebook, server, and networking to industrial and consumer applications; DDR3 technology has delivered stability, longevity, and high-performance as promised. DDR3 memory and the systems that use it remain a vital asset in many IT environments. Organizations are continually searching for low-cost upgrades and cost-efficient maintenance agreements while preserving their IT investments. However, with limited resources and insufficient budgets, many companies find it difficult to follow the accelerated IT replacement cycle or pay for high-cost warranty agreements from the major brand name OEMs.

So, what other options are available? Axiom continues to provide DDR3 memory and hardware system warranties through our Axiom Maintenance Services (AMS). Whether you need support for your data center or workgroup hardware, Axiom offers a variety of DDR3 memory capacities and flexible warranty services to help maintain the most important computing systems, yours. Systems built with DDR3 technology continue to deliver stable and dependable performance. To meet the challenges of “keeping the lights on,” many CIOs and IT Managers strategically upgrade and warranty their DDR3 hardware applications with Axiom server memory and Axiom Maintenance Services.

As a leading supplier of memory upgrade solutions, Axiom is expertly equipped to support you with your on-going requirements for DDR3 memory. We offer a comprehensive product line that combined with Axiom Maintenance Services (AMS) provides complete system protection.

Protect Your IT Investment with Axiom. For more information on DDR3 or for pricing information, please contact your Axiom Representative: 888-658-3326 or visit our website at www.axiomupgrades.com/page/memory.