Axiom kicks off 2017 with a brand new service

Axiom expands on its product solutions by offering Third Party Maintenance.


Axiom is adding a new service to its portfolio, Axiom Maintenance Services (AMS). AMS provides users an opportunity to have options when it involves their data centers, servers, storage and networking hardware. AMS preserves the IT investment while mitigating the IT risk.

Axiom understands that once End-of-Service-Life (EOSL) has been reached with an OEM product, options are costly and limited for the customer. There is a gap here that Axiom recognizes and is filling with AMS. Upgrades and fixes through the OEM can cost businesses a significant amount of money that can easily be avoided. AMS delivers coverage and maintenance support for all major OEM products that are flexible and customized based on the customer’s needs and specifications.

“With the addition of AMS, Axiom is becoming a one-stop-shop for our channel partners and their end user customers,” says Eric Devaney, Axiom Vice President. “The portfolio of Axiom products and services is moving in the right direction offering a great balance between products and services.”

Third-party maintenance is support and maintenance offered by independent support providers with no relationship with the OEM. This alternative to OEM maintenance is a major progression to greater cost optimization for IT professionals.

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About Axiom

Established in 1995, Axiom continues to be the leading provider of customer-focused networking connectivity, storage, and IT memory computing upgrade solutions. Pace-setting technologies and stringent manufacturing position Axiom to deliver the highest level of compatibility and consistency. Advanced testing ensures Axiom products are 100-percent guaranteed compatible and comply with all industry standards. Headquartered in Irvine, California, Axiom is among the fastest growing memory, storage, and fiber-optic connectivity product suppliers in the corporate market segment.

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