Axiom ensures memory availability

Irvine, CA – March 7, 2013.

Due to recent events in the DRAM market, Axiom Memory Solutions has taken strategic steps to ensure component allocation and capacity throughout 2012.

With the bankruptcy filing of Elpida Memory Inc., global DRAM market prices are expected to climb higher as the current oversupply of DRAM transitions back to equilibrium or even an undersupply status. DRAM is the most utilized component in computers and, with Elpida’s 12% DRAM market share, any supply-chain disruptions will result in higher prices for DRAM components.

Axiom has observed increased market activity and projects that DRAM's average selling price (ASPs) will increase through the end of 2012 as manufacturers seek alternative DRAM suppliers. Elpida hasn’t announced any stoppages or ceased production; however, ASPs are forecasted to rise with any product shortfalls from existing Elpida production volumes.

Axiom’s high quality memory modules and products for servers, desktops, networking and mobile devices are manufactured and tested utilizing a flexible component design and qualification model. Axiom employs a multiple DRAM-source build and design scheme to deliver the optimum procurement and manufacturing flexibility – providing customers on-time delivery for their immediate memory requirements.

Axiom’s strategic partnership with the leading component suppliers and a flexible design model ensures continued support for each customer’s memory needs, even in the event of projected DRAM allocation.

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About Axiom Memory Solutions

Axiom is a leading provider of customer-focused IT computing memory, storage and networking connectivity upgrade solutions. Pace-setting technologies, highly reliable computing and stringent manufacturing and testing standards uniquely position Axiom to deliver the highest level of compatibility and consistency. Our advanced testing ensures that our products are 100-percent guaranteed compatible and comply with all industry standards. Headquartered in Irvine, California, Axiom is among the fastest growing memory, storage and fiber-optic connectivity product suppliers in the corporate market segment.

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