Axiom brings 128GB DDR4 LRDIMM to the OEM alternative memory game

What if you could save enough on power to pay for your upgrade?

Introducing the next generation of DDR4! Axiom’s 128GB DDR4 LRDIMM provides load reducing, energy savings combined with low voltage for optimal performance.

DDR4 is the new industry standard for memory with improved power consumption and faster data transfer speeds. Compared to DDR3 modules, DDR4 boosts 1.2V, greater speeds and the ability to increase memory density. However, the questions IT administrators must grapple are cost and availability.

Today’s market is flooded with options. However, accessibility to a 128GB DDR4 LRDIMM is limited to few providers. As an OEM alternative upgrade solution provider, Axiom has the solutions and products you need at significant savings, including some of the only in-demand OEM alternative 128GB DDR4 LRDIMMs currently on the market.

But how can you save enough power to pay for your upgrade? One of Axiom’s customers recently made the transition from 64GB to 128GB DDR4 LRDIMM. The enhancements seen in speed mixed with low voltage saved the company enough in daily power use to pay for the upgrade. Are you ready to take advantage of the latest in memory? Whether you’re switching from a 64GB, a 32GB RDIMM or some other module, the progression to 128GB LRDIMM could give your business the boost it needs for performance and efficiency.

Invest in only the best while saving more with Axiom. For more information on DDR4 or for pricing information, please contact your Axiom Representative: 888-658-3326.

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As a leader in memory upgrade solutions, Axiom is expertly equipped to support you with your on-going requirements for DDR4 memory and beyond back by lifetime warranties. Our complete line of upgrade solutions from memory to transceivers, storage, power and more are combined with best-in-class third-party maintenance through Axiom Maintenance Services (AMS) to provide complete system protection for all stages of data center life.