Axiom Cisco UCS storage solutions  

If your business is looking to upgrade Cisco UCS storage without paying a premium for OEM hardware, Axiom has all the bases covered with our full lineup of Cisco UCS compatible storage solutions. Upgrade with confidence and take advantage of the following benefits:


Although storage solutions are an indispensable part of the server infrastructure, consumers are often paying a premium for storage when using OEM components exclusively. OEMs can upcharge because they can leverage their brand reputation to justify the higher costs for their hardware. It is also in the OEMs’ best interests to dissuade users from exploring third party upgrades for their servers, as it eats into their profitability. 

With Axiom UCS storage solutions, businesses can save up to 30% on spending compared to buying OEM storage solutions. Waive the OEM tax for UCS server essentials such as Axiom enterprise SAS/SATA SSDs and HDDs in 2.5”/3.5” form factors with a more balanced approach to spending on server hardware. 

Seamless integration

Because UCS is a converged, uniform infrastructure, it often leads to the misconception that only Cisco-approved hardware components are compatible in a Cisco UCS system. In truth, third party upgrades such as Axiom storage solutions are not only compatible with the system but can also be seamlessly integrated into a UCS infrastructure with no error codes.

Every Axiom part has undergone extensive testing and validation to eliminate any concerns about error codes or faults. Users can flawlessly hot swap Axiom drives and the drives will be recognized by the server. This makes Axiom storage a true plug-and-play solution and ensures that servers are up-and-running 24/7 without hindrance to daily operations. 


One of the key concerns when deciding between OEM and third-party upgrades is how well the quality of third-party upgrades translates to actual performance, given that third party upgrades are significantly more affordable than OEM equivalents.

It is important to note, however, that higher OEM prices have no correlation with actual performance. Cisco UCS ready storage solutions such as Axiom Enterprise SAS and SATA SSDs are built to handle sustained workloads while enabling ultra-quick data access. Rigorously tested for a variety of server applications, Axiom UCS storage solutions deliver the level of storage performance needed in today’s data centers.


Customers that run Cisco-approved UCS hardware exclusively may be initially deterred from using third-party storage due to pressure from the OEM. The OEM may use ambiguous wording in maintenance contracts or even threaten to void warranty contracts if third-party components are used.

Even under the circumstances that Cisco TAC (Technical Assistance Center) questions the use of non-OEM hardware or threatens to void a warranty on the basis of using non-Cisco components, users are protected under the Magnuson Warranty Act of 1975. The statute emphasizes that third-party hardware does not void the original system warranty. 

AMS (Axiom Maintenance Services) backed-hardware 

OEMs will also often try to push refresh cycles for OEM hardware, regardless of whether the hardware is still functional and an essential part of a running server. Inflated EOL or EOSL costs for OEM maintenance contracts also force businesses to decide whether to pay extra for OEM maintenance or to risk going through a support gap in which their hardware is left unprotected. These are some of the ways that OEMs can encourage consumers to purchase newer replacement hardware. 

Axiom Maintenance Services (AMS) is Axiom’s third-party maintenance platform, designed to help users protect their investments in legacy Cisco UCS servers. AMS helps extend hardware lifecycles so users can continue running functional server hardware and avoid having to make unnecessary upgrades. The quality of tech support also rivals that of OEMs as AMS offers specialized level 3 TAC support for Cisco hardware and applications.

Trust in Axiom for Cisco UCS storage

For over 25 years, Axiom has been a trusted solutions provider in the hardware upgrades industry. As THE OEM alternative, Axiom offers a multitude of storage solutions and a quality maintenance platform to address all things Cisco UCS related.


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