12 for 12: A closer look at the Axiom USB-C 12-in-1 Hub

Hubs nowadays are no longer considered as just simple USB port replicators. Next generation hubs such as the Axiom USB-C 12-in-1 hub are starting to match the firepower of traditional docking stations, to the point where the terms “docking station” and “hub” are often interchangeable when discussing functionality. Let’s take a look at 12 ways in which the Axiom 12-in-1 hub combines the best of both worlds, transforming laptops into a functional workstation in any setting.

1. Professional grade functionality

Laptops are trending towards more streamlined designs. They are lighter and more compact than ever before. The tradeoff is that many essential ports are being removed to accommodate this downsizing of laptops, which limits both productivity and the overall user experience.

The 12-in-1 hub greatly expands the selection of ports available in your setup, so that your laptop or PC is well-equipped to tackle modern workloads. Maximize support for your laptop peripherals with the hub, no matter how streamlined newer laptops are becoming.

2. Functionality meets portability

With the way laptop sizes are trending and the prevalence of mobile devices nowadays, it’s clear that portability is high in demand. While traditional docking stations bring a ton of functionality to the table, their bulky designs make them more suitable for stationary setups. Hubs are compact and can be carried virtually anywhere, giving them a distinct advantage in portability.

The 12-in-1 hub replicates the major functions of a traditional docking station, but also consolidates the ports into a compact form factor. With this portable, feature-rich hub, you can set up a workstation anytime, anywhere.

3. USB Type-C and legacy connector support

Laptop designs have been able to do away with legacy ports largely because of the introduction of the USB Type-C connector. The connector is designed to support basically everything, from data transfer to power to multimedia and more, making legacy connectors such as USB Type-A connectors redundant.

Although users now have a more standardized connector type to work with, the removal of these legacy connectors means diminished support for non-Type-C compatible peripherals. The 12-in-1 hub bridges the gap between generations by providing that versatile Type-C connector as well as USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 Type-A ports, so you can run both newer peripherals and your tried-and true peripherals off the hub.

4. Pass-through power delivery

Newer laptops are also starting to support USB Type-C charging. This function can be very useful, but it leaves the user with one less port to work with when the port is occupied for charging the laptop.

Unlike most hubs in the market, the 12-in-1 hub supports pass-through charging via the Type-C PD port. This feature allows you to charge the laptop “through” the hub, while running peripherals off the hub. Essentially, only a single Type-C port is needed to power the device and use the 11 other slots on the hub simultaneously.

5. Multi-display support

Video display is a key ingredient to the user experience. The ability to use multiple monitors at once enables users to multitask more efficiently and helps increase productivity, but most hubs on the market do not offer multi-display support. Many older laptops also do not have built-in HDMI ports.

With the 12-in-1 hub, users can steadily run multiple displays from the hub’s HDMI, DP 1.2, or VGA ports simultaneously. The hub’s HDMI port delivers 4k resolution at a 60Hz refresh rate, offering a less choppy and crisper viewing experience.

6. Crystal-clear audio

Audio support is another key ingredient. The 12-in-1 comes with a 3.5mm audio jack to deliver high-fidelity, crystal-clear audio. Pair it with the multi-display support for a complementary and more complete multimedia experience.

7. Best value

If you are working with a tight budget, the 12-in-1 hub ensures that you get the best value for your money. As packed with features at it is, the hub is still a fraction of the price of docking stations, some of which can be as expensive as a laptop itself. Save money today without compromising performance.

8. Universal functionality

Traditionally, standard docking stations were designed with proprietary connectors. Some functions only worked with specific models of laptops, meaning users would often have to upgrade the docking station as soon as they changed laptop models.

Hubs are designed for universal usage, which is more in line with what hardware manufacturers are trying to accomplish with the introduction of universal standards such as USB Type-C, DisplayPort, etc.

9. MicroSD/TF card/SD card readers

Data from micro-SD/TF as well as SD memory cards can be read and written simultaneously. Content creators can access/secure their data with ease using these memory card slots.

10. Ethernet port

Sometimes, WIFI simply isn’t available or a more robust Gigabit ethernet connection is needed. This hub has you covered with a Gigabit LAN RJ45 ethernet port for you to connect to in those situations.

11. VGA Support

Despite being an older standard, VGA is still needed when HDMI and DP 1.2 options are not available. The hub supports VGA for these configurations.

12. Extended connection cable

Select 12-in-1 hub models come with an extended 3’ connection cable option. With work practices such as hybrid or remote work gaining popularity, this hub allows the user to increase the range of their workstation setups and work with ease and convenience.

The complete list of features on the Axiom 12-in-1 hub is as shown:

1 x HDMI 4K@60Hz output port

1 x DP 1.2 interface

1 x VGA interface

1 x 3.5mm audio interface

1 x Type C port

2 x USB 3.0 Type A port

1 x USB 2.0 Type A port

1 x PD charging interface PD100W

1 x microSD/TF card reader

1 x SD card reader

1 x LAN RJ45 interface

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution to expand the port selection on your laptops or PCs, the Axiom USB-C 12-in-1 hub is a game changer. For more information on the Axiom 12-in-1 hub, visit our official website or contact Axiom representatives at Axiom Upgrades | The OEM Alternative.