Category: USB Cables
Description: Axiom USB 3.0 Type-C to USB Type-C Round Cable M/M 6ft
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Axiom A/V cables and adapters offer a wide range of connectivity solutions. From HDMI to USB and everything in between Axiom offers a wide selection of adapters providing cost-effective solutions to integrate the latest technology into your existing equipment setup.
The USB 3.0 standard increases the data transfer rate to 10GBps, which is fast enough to carry full HD video and multi-channel, uncompressed audio. The standard also increases the power handling capabilities to 100 watts, which means that USB C will soon replace existing power, video, networking, and data cables.

• New reversible Type C connector plugs
• Use a single cable for power, video, networking, and data
• USB 3.0 supports up to 10Gbps data rate
• Charge and power devices with up to 100 watts of power
Limited Lifetime Warranty