Category: USB Cables
Description: Axiom USB 2.0 Type-A to Micro USB Type-B Cable M/M 10ft
OEM Part#: N/A


Axiom A/V cables and adapters offer a wide range of connectivity solutions. From HDMI to USB and everything in between Axiom offers a wide selection of adapters providing cost-effective solutions to integrate the latest technology into your existing equipment setup.
The Axiom USB 2.0 Type-A male to Micro Type-B male cable allows you to connect and charge or transfer data between a portable USB device and a micro-USB port on a computer or other USB device. The USB micro B connector has become the new universal standard connector used on most smartphones and tablets. For peace of mind, Axiom A/V cables are RoHS compliant and backed by a lifetime warranty.

• Connector 1: USB-A Male
• Connector 2 : USB Micro-B Male
• Comes in black color
• Compatible with smartphone, tablet, keyboard, mouse, flash drive, gaming controller, raspberry Pi development boards
Limited Lifetime Warranty