Category: DDR4-2133 x72 ECC 288-Pin RDIMM 1.2v

Description: Axiom 16GB DDR4-2133 ECC RDIMM - AX42133R15A/16G

Comparable to OEM #: N/A


Axiom's DDR4 provides improved speed, power management and reliability over previous DDR generations. The release of DDR4 delivers an overall performance improvement of up to 30% for single DIMM configurations. DDR4 performance scales up to 65% faster in 3-DIMM per channel (3DPC) applications over DDR3.

High bandwidth and faster data rates combined with lower voltage demands deliver the most compelling and significant DRAM computing update in the past decade.

DDR4 Features:
• 100% Increase in speed - Faster Data Rate equates to more responsive application loads on data-intensive programs.
• 300% increase in component densities – Equals larger modules for next-generation performance demands.
• 20% decrease in power consumption – Less power consumed means less wasted resources to cool systems and reserves battery program for mobile devices.
• Provides greater reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) in enterprise applications – Complete integrity and fault tolerance for longer periods without system failure.
• Improved data signal.


Density: 16GB
Module Type: ECC RDIMM DDR4
RoHS: Yes
Depth: 2Gb
Width: x72
Voltage: 1.2V
Pin Count: 288-pin
Data Rate: 2133MT/s
Speed: PC4-17000
Comp Config: 1024Mx4
CL: 15

Compatible Systems

ASUS - Z10PE-D16/4L Motherboard
Intel - S2600CW Server
Intel - S2600KP Server
Intel - S2600TP Server
Intel - S2600WT Server
SuperMicro - SuperServer 1018R-WC0R (Super X10SRW-F)
SuperMicro - SuperServer 1028GR-TR (Super X10DRG-H)
SuperMicro - SuperServer 1028GR-TRT (Super X10DRG-HT)
SuperMicro - SuperServer 1028R-TDW (Super X10DDW-i)
SuperMicro - SuperServer 1028R-WC1R (Super X10DRW-i)
SuperMicro - SuperServer 1028R-WC1RT (Super X10DRW-iT)
SuperMicro - SuperServer 1028R-WTR (Super X10DRW-i)
SuperMicro - SuperServer 1028R-WTRT (Super X10DRW-iT)
SuperMicro - SuperServer 1028U-TR4+ (Super X10DRU-i+)
SuperMicro - SuperServer 1028U-TR4T+ (Super X10DRU-i+)
SuperMicro - X10DAC Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10DAI Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10DDW-i Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10DDW-iN Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10DRC-LN4+ Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10DRC-T4+ Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10DRFF Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10DRFF-C Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10DRFR Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10DRFR-T Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10DRG-H Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10DRL-i Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10DRT-P Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10DRT-PIBF Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10DRT-PIBQ Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10DRT-PT Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10DRU-i+ Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10DRW-i Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10DRW-iT Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10DRi Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10DRi-LN4+ Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10DRi-T Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10DRi-T4+ Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10SRG-F Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10SRH-CLN4F Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10SRL-F Motherboard
SuperMicro - X10SRi-F Motherboard
Tyan - Server FT77CB7079


• Top grade chips and components - Each Axiom memory module is manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications.
• Fully tested - All memory modules that leave our warehouse are fully tested to guarantee quality and reliability.
• Guaranteed compatibility - Axiom guarantees that each system specific module will work with its corresponding OEM computer.
• Lifetime warranty - Once you purchase an Axiom memory module, you never need to worry about failure because all Axiom memory modules come with a lifetime warranty.
• Free unlimited tech support - Speak to a real human being and not a computer message. Tech support is available to every one of our customers via phone or email.


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