Result: 5412R zl2 Switch


Processor :
Memory Installed :
Max. Memory :
Expansion : 12 open module slots (see system notes)
Type : Networking Switches and Routers
Configuration Notes : * Mfgr's System Part Numbers: J9822A
* Supports a maximum of 288 autosensing 10/100/1000 ports or 288 SFP ports or 96 SFP+ ports or 96 HPE Smart Rate Multi-Gigabit or 24 40GbE ports, or a combination.
Description Comparable OEM Part # Axiom Part Number
QSFP+ Transceiver
SFP+ Transceiver
10GBASE-ER SFP+ for Aruba® J9153D J9153D-AX
10GBASE-LR SFP+ for Aruba® J9151D J9151D-AX
10GBASE-LR SFP+ for Aruba® J9151E J9151E-AX
10GBASE-LRM SFP+ for HP® J9152D J9152D-AX
10GBASE-SR SFP+ for Aruba® J9150D J9150D-AX
SFP Transceiver (Fiber)
1000BASE-LH SFP for Aruba® J4860D J4860D-AX
1000BASE-LX SFP for Aruba® J4859D J4859D-AX
1000BASE-SX SFP for Aruba® J4858D J4858D-AX
100BASE-FX SFP for Aruba® J9054D J9054D-AX
SFP Transceiver (Copper)
1000BASE-T SFP for Aruba® J8177D J8177D-AX
SFP+ Twinax Cables
SFP+ to SFP+ Passive Twinax Cable 1m J9281D J9281D-AX
SFP+ to SFP+ Passive Twinax Cable 3m J9283D J9283D-AX
SFP+ to SFP+ Passive Twinax Cable 7m J9285D J9285D-AX
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