Result: S5500HCV


Processor : Intel® Xeon® 5500 series
Memory Installed : 0MB (Removable)
Max. Memory : 146GB using RDIMMs, 72GB using UDIMMs
Expansion : 9 Sockets (3 Banks of 3) Total. 6 Sockets (2 Banks of 3) for processor 1, 3 Sockets (1 bank of 3) for processor 2
Type : Motherboards
Configuration Notes : * Axiom's DDR3-1333 modules automatically clock down to 1066MHz and 800MHz depending on which Intel Xeon model is installed and how many module Banks are populated. Please refer to the system manual for proper installation of DIMMs for Single, Dual, and Triple Channel configurations.
* Due to chipset limitations, Kingston's DDR3 Quad Rank memory is limited to operate at a maximum of 1066Mhz. When two Quad Rank modules are installed per bank, the processor will automatically clock them down to 800MHz.
* Mixing x4 and x8 modules is allowed, however not within the same bank.
* This system supports either Registered ECC or Unbuffered ECC memory. Mixing Registered ECC and Unbuffered ECC modules is not supported within this system.
* Due to chipset limitations, Unbuffered ECC DIMMs are limited to TWO Triple Channel Banks per processor on Intel Xeon 55xx series systems. DDR3L 1.35V low voltage memory is supported on Xeon 5600 series processors.
Description Comparable OEM Part # Axiom Part Number
PC3-10600 Registered ECC 1333MHz
4GB Dual Rank x4 Module N/A AX31333R9V/4G
8GB Dual Rank x4 Module N/A AX31333R9W/8G
16GB Quad Rank x4 Module N/A AX31333R9W/16G
PC3-10600 Unbuffered ECC 1333MHz
4GB Dual Rank x8 ECC Module N/A AX31333E9Y/4G
8GB Dual Rank x8 ECC Module N/A AX31333E9Z/8G
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