Trade-in / Trade-up

The Axiom Trade Up Program provides the opportunity to further protect your IT investment by offering additional savings when upgrading with Axiom’s products.

The Axiom Trade Up Program provides the ability to trade in existing products for newer and faster solutions. Contact your Axiom partner or an Axiom sales representative for a quote and configuration confirmation.

The Trade Up Program was created as a flexible program intended to provide the greatest level of efficiency and ease-of-use for virtually all integration projects.

Trade-in Memory Step by Step

Identify system/hardware models to be upgraded.
Determine new memory requirements to support your application/environment needs.
List old memory product to be traded in.
Contact your Axiom Sales Representative to confirm your configuration and trade-in value.
Receive Trade-Up program details with Trade-In authorization number and Buy-Back Price.
Order the new memory.
Return the old memory and get paid.

Contact Sales

We’re always happy to answer your questions. Let us know how we can help, and an Axiom representative will follow up with you shortly.

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