Expanding IT Infrastructure: State and Local Governments

As information management in the public sector continues to transition from paper trails to digital mediums, governments face the challenge of upgrading their IT infrastructure under budget limitations. The issue of spending is even more pronounced at the state and local level where budget allocation varies based on area demographics, geography, and politics.

Axiom Can Make a Difference

As THE OEM Alternative® for nearly three decades, Axiom offers cost-effective solutions with guaranteed compatibility to help agencies upgrade their network infrastructure and support technology with significant savings over OEM equivalents.

Axiom solutions are optimized to address prominent SLED IT concerns and needs:

  • Consistent operation and high-bandwidth deployment from OEM-specific Axiom transceivers to minimize downtime in government infrastructure networks
  • Encryption on Axiom SSDs to step-up cybersecurity
  • Low latency operation on SSDs as well as full-testing on memory to maximize data center reliability.
  • Flexible hardware support from Axiom Maintenance Services to lower IT costs

Axiom solutions expand IT infrastructure while easing budget management, ensuring that service to the citizens and communities is always the first priority for state and local governments.

Learn more about what Axiom can do for your state and local government IT needs:

  • Special pricing for volume/contract purchases
  • Best performance OEM upgrades with full compatibility
  • The best lifetime product customer/support

Leverage the Axiom advantage to:

  • Reduce overall TCO for connectivity, cybersecurity and data center upgrades
  • Upgrade network infrastructure with OEM-specific transceivers and fiber optic cables
  • Access the best technical support and identify compatible upgrades
  • Go green and save costs with Trade-in program
  • Update mobile, desktop, server and enterprise storage solutions
  • Enjoy industry leading product warranties

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