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Axiom is a premier provider of replacement laptop batteries and AC/DC adapters. Supporting leading brands like Lenovo, HP, Dell, Apple, plus many others – All include our best-in-class customer service and 100-percent guaranteed compatibility.

Each Axiom battery is manufactured under stringent manufacturing, quality management, and system control standards that provide "in house" oversight over the entire manufacturing process. Undergoing a rigorous qualification process ensures proper function, performance, and optimal product safety. Each battery has a 1-year warranty and is engineered for each individual and designated system models. Axiom batteries will not void your system warranty and are backed by our leading product support and customer service. From component qualification to final assembly and test, Axiom assures long product life and high capacity while providing environmentally sustainable, eco-friendly products.

Axiom is committed to providing high quality and environmentally sustainable battery products. Compliant with all industry standards our notebook batteries are designed to meet or exceed the manufacturer's specifications, provide superior performance, and longer batter life for your system specific application.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Meets or exceeds OEM laptop battery power specifications
  • Guaranteed Compatible - Our laptop batteries and power adapters are 100% compatible for your system-specific application
  • Higher Environmental and Safety Protection – Each battery and power adapter product meets CE, FCC, and RoHS certifications
  • IC Board, Integrated components to protect against overheating, over-charging, over discharge, short-circuit and over voltage.
  • Lower cost when compared to OEM laptop batteries and AC adapters
  • Unlike some competitors, always new product, never refurbished
  • High capacity and high quality LG & Samsung grade A cells utilized - ensures superior performance and longer battery life
  • High quality superior casing for ultimate protection
  • Utilize environmentally sustainable –least levels of heavy metals in battery chemistries
  • Axiom products won't void your system warranty
  • 1 year warranty on all battery products – Unlimited and free technical support
Description Part Number
Axiom 12-Watt USB Power Adapter for Apple - MD836LL/AMD836LL/A-AX
Axiom 90-Watt AC Adapter w/ 3-foot power cord for Dell - 310-7698310-7698-AX
Axiom 90-Watt Slim AC Adapter w/ 6-foot power cord for Dell - 330-1827330-1827-AX
Axiom 90-Watt Slim AC Adapter for Dell - 332-1833332-1833-AX
Axiom 130-Watt AC Adapter - 310-4180-AX for Dell Inspiron 5150 and 5160 Series310-4180-AX
Axiom 150-Watt AC Adapter for Dell - 310-8537310-8537-AX
Axiom 240-Watt AC Adapter for Dell - 331-9053331-9053-AX
Axiom 45-Watt AC Adapter for HP - 741727-001741727-001-AX
Axiom 65-Watt AC Adapter for HP Notebooks - 409843-001409843-001-AX
Axiom 65-Watt AC Adapter for HP T610 Series - 684792-001684792-001-AX
Axiom 65-Watt AC Adapter for HP Notebooks - ED494AA, 609939-001, 463958-001ED494AA-AX
Axiom 90-Watt AC Adapter for HP Notebooks - 239705-001239705-001-AX
Axiom 90-Watt AC Adapter for HP - 409515-001409515-001-AX
Axiom 90-Watt Smart AC Adapter for HP - ED495AAED495AA-AX
Axiom 45-Watt AC Adapter (slim tip) for Lenovo - 0B470300B47030-AX
Axiom 65-Watt AC Adapter (slim tip) for Lenovo - 0A362580A36258-AX
Axiom 65-Watt Slim AC Adapter (slim tip) for Lenovo - 0B474550B47455-AX
Axiom 65-Watt AC Adapter for Lenovo - 40Y769640Y7696-AX
Axiom 65-Watt AC Adapter for Lenovo - 4X20E53336, 54Y88684X20E53336-AX
Axiom 90-Watt AC Adapter for Lenovo - 0B469940B46994-AX
Axiom 90-Watt AC Adapter for Lenovo - 40Y7659, 92P110640Y7659-AX
Axiom 135-Watt AC Adapter (slim tip) for Lenovo - 4X20E505584X20E50558-AX
Axiom 170-Watt AC Adapter (slim tip) for Lenovo - 4X20E505744X20E50574-AX
Axiom 36-Watt AC Adapter for Microsoft Surface - RE2-00001RE2-00001-AX
Axiom 48-Watt AC Adapter for Microsoft Surface - W9S-00001, A1536W9S-00001-AX
Axiom 65-Watt AC Adapter for Microsoft Surface - Q4Q-00001, 1706Q4Q-00001-AX

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