Networking devices such as switches, transceivers, cables form the backbone of networks. These network essentials carry out complex functions and facilitate communication between data centers. As networking technologies continue to be developed, newer and more refined network solutions can help transform legacy infrastructures into powerful and versatile data centers.

Solutions such as power-efficient switches, tunable optics, PON based optics are all huge contributors to optimizing network performance. With these network upgrades, data centers are better equipped to address the relentless demands of each successive generation of IT.

Why Axiom network solutions?

Axiom network solutions are engineered to perform at the same level or higher as its OEM contemporaries without the premium OEM pricing. All network solutions have also been tested and approved for guaranteed compatibility with all major networking brand hardware and equipment.

In any network, server uptime is a fundamental benchmark. Every Axiom part is rigorously stress tested in our Axiom lab under the supervision of our experienced technical team. This helps to ensure that the reliability of Axiom network solutions under heavy workloads translates from the lab to real world performance.

Axiom offers a wealth of network solutions that addresses the A to Z’s of networking. The complete ecosystem of networking solutions features:

Network Switch

Network switches connect devices in a network, enabling them to communicate with each other effectively. Switches direct network traffic, controlling the flow of data across the network to ensure that data packets are sent and received to the correct destination endpoints.

Axiom network switches are built to handle the high network traffic demands of high-bandwidth networks. Explore our lineup of power-efficient switches to bolster the network’s scalability and ability to handle next generation workloads.


Transceivers carry data in the form of signals across copper or fiber to move information from one point to another in a network. Transceiver specifications differ by data rate, reach and type, and may feature different modulation schemes for more advanced network needs and requirements

Axiom transceivers cover a wide range of applications for different types of networks in an assortment of environments. From tunables for WDM based networks to passive solutions like GPON, XGS-PON, and more, Axiom's transceiver lineup features transceivers with data rates spanning from 1G to 800G. Axiom transceivers are designed, programmed, and tested for each application and backed by a lifetime warranty and unlimited free technical support


Wave-Division Multiplexing (WDM) allows multiple light signals to be combined together, increasing the data transferred per fiber. Multiplexers (MUX) combine multiple light signals into a single signal to be sent over the fiber. At the receiving end, the Demultiplexer (DEMUX) reverts the combined signal back to the original light signals.

Axiom MUX ensures that CWDM or DWDM transceivers are able to transfer data more efficiently while reducing the amount of fiber needed in a network. Maximize bandwidth in a network with Axiom MUX


As the connective link between two points in a network, copper and fiber cables serve as the medium in which data in the form of signals travels through.

Axiom cables feature an assortment of cables from copper to fiber, DACs to AOCs. Find the cables with the proper connector type and termination lengths for a variety of networks with Axiom cables


NIC cards provide an interface for which the physical layer can communicate with the data link layer

Axiom offers a lineup of reliable NIC cards for top OEM brand systems

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