Building a Digitized Classroom

Greater technology integration is essential for addressing the challenges of the modern classroom and improving learning outcomes for students of all ages. With the proper digital education tools, educators can build a stronger learning foundation for K-12 students, help higher education students develop professional skills and provide remote learning students with the means of learning from anywhere, at any time.

Digital learning tools such as Chromebooks, interactive displays, iPads and a cloud full of educational content and apps transform the traditional classroom into a more engaging and comprehensive learning environment. High-performing memory, network and storage solutions enable education organizations to build more reliable and responsive data centers to facilitate the learning process. As important as these digital solutions are, however, budget constraints and the high costs of OEM products make upgrading technology a year-in, year-out challenge.

Axiom Can Make a Difference

For nearly three decades, Axiom has solidified its reputation as THE OEM Alternative®, delivering cost-effective upgrades for OEM equivalents with guaranteed compatibility. With Axiom cables, transceivers, batteries, memory and flash solutions for student devices, school districts, colleges and universities can update their network infrastructure and support technology while saving significantly on overall upgrade costs. As the education landscape continues to evolve, the integration of ed-tech will continue to play an essential role for the education industry both in and outside the classroom.

Learn more about what Axiom can do for your educational organization’s needs:

  • Special pricing for volume/contract purchases
  • Best performance OEM upgrades with full compatibility
  • The best lifetime product customer/support

Leverage the Axiom advantage to:

  • Reduce overall TCO for Common Core, 1:1 computing and other major tech initiatives
  • Equip student devices with memory and power accessories
  • Access the best technical support and identify compatible upgrades
  • Go green and save costs with Trade-in, trade-up program
  • Update mobile, desktop, storage, and network solutions
  • Enjoy industry leading product warranties


Established in 1996 by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), E-Rate is a program that subsidizes the costs of telecommunications and network connectivity equipment for school districts and libraries nationwide.
As research shows, around 57% of K-12 students in the United States utilize some form of digital learning tool on a daily basis. Many school and library districts, however, lack adequate funding to build proper network infrastructures. As studies have shown, 33% of school districts in the United States still do not meet the threshold of 1 Mbps connectivity per student.

How can Axiom help with your E-Rate needs?
E-Rate presents an opportunity to address this lack of funding. Eligible participants can purchase essential equipment at discounts of anywhere from 20% to 90% depending on the level of support needed.
For over 25 years, Axiom has delivered OEM equivalent performance at a fraction of the OEM costs. We offer a full portfolio of solutions that address both category one and category two E-Rate demands.

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