At Axiom we recognize that we live in an increasingly interconnected world. More than ever, a commitment to the wellbeing of our shared community - locally, nationwide and across the globe - is critical to our collective wellbeing as organizations and as individuals. We strive to demonstrate this commitment though environmentally responsible practices, stringent adherence to quality and safety measures and community welfare programs.

Axiom's Commitment to the Environment

Axiom believes that caring for our planet is a responsibility we all share. To that end we are committed to minimizing the impact of our business activities on the environment. As a technology manufacturer, we are particularly focused on ensuring that our practices and products comply with US and global environmental directives such as RoHS.

Proper disposal of electronic products is another important way to help safeguard our world for future generations. In the United States, the fastest growing solid waste stream, e-waste, accounts for 70% of all US toxic waste.1 At present, only 12.5% is recycled2 and global e-waste is predicted to increase 33% by 2017 - for a combined weight equivalent to 200 Empire State Buildings.3

Our unique Trade-up / Trade-in / Recycle Program empowers our customers to do their part for the environment by providing an easy way to responsibly dispose of their used memory and cabling products, while also offering a credit on future memory purchases.

To further our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of improper electronics disposal, Axiom has partnered with Go Green E-waste Recyclers, an electronic recycling company providing a complete environmentally sound solution. Guided by a "No Landfill" policy, Go Green E-waste Recyclers is committed to developing and implementing ways to limit electronic waste and prevent it from ending up in landfills. To this end Go Green partners with several state organizations including:

  • The California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB), which promotes a zero waste California in partnership with local government, industry, and the public.
  • The California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), whose mission is to restore, protect and enhance the environment and to ensure public health, environmental quality and economic vitality by regulating hazardous waste, conducting and overseeing cleanups, and developing and promoting pollution prevention.

Together, we can make a lasting impact on the health of our planet. We encourage our customers to take advantage of our convenient Trade-up / Trade-in / Recycle Program when their Axiom products have reached end-of-life. For our part, we will continue to make environmental awareness a cornerstone of our policies, seeking partnerships with businesses with a similar commitment to minimizing hazardous materials and the appropriate reuse and recycling of e-waste.