Cisco UCS Memory by Axiom

For the data center and enterprise computing market segments, Axiom Upgrades for Cisco UCS servers is the leading provider for cost-efficient, high quality memory solutions. Axiom Cisco UCS Memory provides significant cost savings while removing any uncertainty for warranty support and quality. Axiom provides guaranteed compatibility and lifetime warranty with every Cisco UCS memory solution.

Offering a full line of DRAM, Flash cards, Flash SIMMs, and mini-Flash for Cisco servers, switches, and other hardware applications, Axiom has your complete solution. Each system and application specific product are 100% guaranteed compatible and backed by Axiom's unsurpassed technical and product support. Axiom products will not void your OEM system warranty.

Buy with Confidence:

  • Highest-quality, tier-one OEM components
  • Designed and tested for each UCS system
  • 100-percent guaranteed system compatibility
  • Backed by lifetime product replacement warranty
  • Won't void OEM warranty
  • Access to free, unlimited technical support
Description Part Number
DDR3-1333 x72 ECC 240-Pin RDIMM 1.35v
8GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-MR-1X082RX-A-AX
8GB OEM Approved Kit (2 x 4GB)UCS-MR-2X041RX-C-AX
16GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-MR-1X162RX-A-AX
16GB OEM Approved Kit (2 x 8GB)UCS-MR-2X082RX-C-AX
32GB OEM Approved Kit (2 x 16GB)UCS-MR-2X162RX-C-AX
32GB OEM Approved Kit (2 x 16GB)UCS-MR-2X164RX-C-AX
32GB OEM Approved Kit (2 x 16GB)UCS-MR-2X164RX-D-AX
64GB OEM Approved Kit (2 x 32GB)UCS-MR-2X324RX-C-AX
DDR3-1600 x72 ECC 240-Pin LRDIMM 1.35v
32GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-ML-1X324RY-A-AX
64GB OEM Approved Kit (2 x 32GB)UCS-ML-2X324RY-E-AX
DDR3-1600 x72 ECC 240-Pin RDIMM 1.35v
8GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-MR-1X082RY-A-AX
16GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-MR-1X162RY-A-AX
16GB OEM Approved Kit (2 x 8GB)UCS-MR-2X082RY-E-AX
32GB OEM Approved Kit (2 x 16GB)UCS-MR-2X162RY-E-AX
DDR3-1866 x72 ECC 240-Pin LRDIMM 1.5v
32GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-ML-1X324RZ-A-AX
DDR3-1866 x72 ECC 240-Pin RDIMM 1.5v
8GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-MR-1X082RZ-A-AX
16GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-MR-1X162RZ-A-AX
DDR4-2133 x72 ECC 288-Pin LRDIMM 1.2v
32GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-ML-1X324RU-A-AX
32GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-ML-1X324RU-G-AX
DDR4-2133 x72 ECC 288-Pin RDIMM 1.2v
8GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-MR-1X081RU-A-AX
16GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-MR-1X162RU-A-AX
16GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-MR-1X162RU-G-AX
16GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-SPL-M16G-AX
32GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-MR-1X322RU-A-AX
32GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-MR-1X322RU-G-AX
DDR4-2400 x72 ECC 288-Pin LRDIMM 1.2v
32GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-ML-1X324RV-A-AX
64GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-ML-1X644RU-G-AX
64GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-ML-1X644RV-A-AX
DDR4-2400 x72 ECC 288-Pin RDIMM 1.2v
16GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-MR-1X161RV-A-AX
16GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-MR-1X161RV-G-AX
16GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-MR-1X162RV-A-AX
32GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-MR-1X322RV-A-AX
32GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-SP-M32-RVA-AX
DDR4-2666 x72 ECC 288-Pin LRDIMM 1.2v
32GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-ML-X32G2RS-H-AX
64GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-ML-X64G4RS-H-AX
DDR4-2666 x72 ECC 288-Pin RDIMM 1.2v
16GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-MR-X16G1RS-H-AX
16GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-MR-X16G2RS-H-AX
32GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-MR-X32G2RS-H-AX
32GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-SP-M32G2-RSH-AX
DDR4-2666 x72 ECC 288-Pin TSV-RDIMM 1.2v
64GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-MR-X64G4RS-H-AX
128MB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-MR-128G8RS-H-AX
DDR4-2933 x72 ECC 288-Pin LRDIMM 1.2v
64GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-ML-X64G4RT-H-AX
128GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-ML-128G4RT-H-AX
DDR4-2933 x72 ECC 288-Pin RDIMM 1.2v
16GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-MR-X16G1RT-H-AX
32GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-MR-X32G2RT-H-AX
64GB OEM Approved ModuleUCS-MR-X64G2RT-H-AX

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