The Axiom Client Series solid-state-drive (SSD) product family offers a wealth of high-speed, reliable storage solutions to accommodate the unique demands of consumer, business, and client applications.

Sidestepping the physical constraints of traditional hard disk drives, Axiom Client Series SSDs outperform conventional HDDs in every metric with minimal heat and power consumption. Utilizing best-in-class controller designs, our Client Series SSDs deliver significant input/output performance (IOPS) and robust data path protection.

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C2110 PCIe NVMe M.2

Faster Speeds, Higher Endurance

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C565e SATA III 2.5”
C565 SATA III 2.5”

Fastest Speed, OPAL encryption

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C3400e PCIe NVMe M.2 (High end encrypted)
C3400 PCIe NVMe M.2

High Capacity, Encrypted

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C550 SATA III 2.5”

Best Value, High Capacity

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C3300n PCIe NVMe M.2
C3300 PCIe NVMe M.2

High Speed, Good Value

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Faster Speeds, Higher Endurance

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C7000 PCIe NVMe M.2
C7000 PCIe NVMe M.2

Highest Speed, High Performance

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Best Value, Single Sided

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Description Part Number
C2110n Series NVMe M.2 SSD
250GB C2110n Series NVMe M.2 SSDSSDM23XNV250-AX
500GB C2110n Series NVMe M.2 SSDSSDM23XNV500-AX
1TB C2110n Series NVMe M.2 SSDSSDM23XNV1TB-AX
2TB C2110n Series NVMe M.2 SSDSSDM23XNV2TB-AX
C3300n Series NVMe M.2 SSD
250GB C3300n Series NVMe M.2 SSDSSDM2IG16NV250-AX
500GB C3300n Series NVMe M.2 SSDSSDM2IG16NV500-AX
1TB C3300n Series NVMe M.2 SSDSSDM2IG16NV1TB-AX
2TB C3300n Series NVMe M.2 SSDSSDM2IG16NV2TB-AX
C3400e Series NVMe M.2 SSD
250GB C3400e Series NVMe M.2 SSDSSDM22ENV250-AX
500GB C3400e Series NVMe M.2 SSDSSDM22ENV500-AX
1TB C3400e Series NVMe M.2 SSDSSDM22ENV1TB-AX
2TB C3400e Series NVMe M.2 SSDSSDM22ENV2TB-AX
C550h Series Desktop SSD
4TB C550h Series Desktop SSDSSD35S124TB-AX
8TB C550h Series Desktop SSDSSD35S128TB-AX
16TB C550h Series Desktop SSDSSD35S1216TB-AX
C550h Series Mobile SSD
4TB C550h Series Mobile SSDSSD25S124TB-AX
8TB C550h Series Mobile SSDSSD25S128TB-AX
16TB C550h Series Mobile SSDSSD25S1216TB-AX
C550n Series Desktop SSD
120GB C550n Series Desktop SSDSSD3558X120-AX
250GB C550n Series Desktop SSDSSD3558X250-AX
500GB C550n Series Desktop SSDSSD3558X500-AX
1TB C550n Series Desktop SSDSSD3558X1TB-AX
2TB C550n Series Desktop SSDSSD3558X2TB-AX
C550n Series Mobile SSD
120GB C550n Series Mobile SSDSSD2558X120-AX
250GB C550n Series Mobile SSDSSD2558X250-AX
500GB C550n Series Mobile SSDSSD2558X500-AX
1TB C550n Series Mobile SSDSSD2558X1TB-AX
2TB C550n Series Mobile SSDSSD2558X2TB-AX
C565e Series Desktop SSD
120GB C565e Series Desktop SSDSSD3558HX120-AX
250GB C565e Series Desktop SSDSSD3558HX250-AX
500GB C565e Series Desktop SSDSSD3558HX500-AX
1TB C565e Series Desktop SSDSSD3558HX1TB-AX
2TB C565e Series Desktop SSDSSD3558HX2TB-AX
C565e Series Mobile SSD
120GB C565e Series Mobile SSDSSD2558HX120-AX
250GB C565e Series Mobile SSDSSD2558HX250-AX
500GB C565e Series Mobile SSDSSD2558HX500-AX
1TB C565e Series Mobile SSDSSD2558HX1TB-AX
2TB C565e Series Mobile SSDSSD2558HX2TB-AX
C565n Series SATA M.2 SSD
120GB C565n Series M.2 SSDSSDM288XT120-AX
240GB C565n Series M.2 SSDSSDM288XT240-AX
480GB C565n Series M.2 SSDSSDM288XT480-AX
960GB C565n Series M.2 SSDSSDM288XT960-AX
C7000n Series NVMe M.2 SSD
1TB C7000n Series NVMe M.2 SSDSSDM2IG36NV1TB-AX
2TB C7000n Series NVMe M.2 SSDSSDM2IG36NV2TB-AX
4TB C7000n Series NVMe M.2 SSDSSDM2IG36NV4TB-AX

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