DDR2 is the next progression in standard DDR technology, featuring faster speeds, lower power consumption, higher data bandwiths, and optimized temperature control. With its proven capabilities, DDR2 is an ideal memory choice for many applications.

Description Part Number
DDR2-667 240-Pin Registered DIMM x72 ECC
4GB Dual Rank x4 ModuleAX2667R5V/4G
8GB Dual Rank x4 Kit (2 x 4GB)AX2667R5V/8GK
4GB Single Rank x4 ModuleAX2667R5W/4G
16GB Dual Rank x4 Kit (2 x 8GB)AX2667R5W/16GK
8GB Dual Rank x4 ModuleAX2667R5W/8G
DDR2-800 200-Pin Unbuffered SODIMM x64 Non-ECC
2GB Dual Rank x8 ModuleAX2800S5S/2G
DDR2-800 240-Pin Unbuffered DIMM x72 ECC
1GB Single Rank x8 ECC ModuleAX2800E5S/1G